Corporate Values


Customer satisfaction is at the core of all of MCL activities. This is achieved through continual improvement of process performance, which, in turn, enhances quality of end product.

Further, the Company strives to add value at every operation to achieve quality conforming to global standards.

The Quality Assurance laboratories are equipped with modern testing facilities operated by well trained staff. The result is consistent and high quality of products.

Environment Protection

Environment protection is a core value at MCL. The Company makes constant efforts to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment, at all stages.

MCL continues to improve its environmental performance through energy conservation, reduction of wastes and greater recycling, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Energy consumption is closely monitored through introduction of more energy efficient machinery, installation of light sensors, setting temperature control devices, etc., thus maintaining high energy efficiency.

The Company undertakes training and education initiatives to promote environmental awareness among all its employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility

MCL is the largest supplier of coal and a key player in the coal mining industry in Zambia. As a responsible corporate citizen, the Company makes constant efforts to build and nurture long standing relationships with various members of the society in general and the local communities in which it operates, in particular.

The core theme of MCL’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is giving back to the society from which it draws its resources, by extending a helping hand to the needy and the underprivileged.

The Maamba Private Basic School, run by MCL, provides quality education to about 900 students from various peripheral villages, from Grade I to Grade IX.

MCL runs a Technical Training School at Maamba. This facility, accredited to Technical Education, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) of Zambia, provides vocational training to youth and improves their employability through skill development in trades like Automotive –Electrical, Automotive- Mechanical, Armature Winding, etc.

MCL is continuously engaged in helping the community by building bridges, assisting in road repairs & construction, running periodic medical camps and actively involving itself in community celebrations such as Women’s Day, Labour Day etc.

MCL sponsors a football team ZAMCOAL DIGGERS, whose continued good performances has seen the team being promoted to the First Division of the National League run by the Football Association of Zambia.